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June COVID-19 Safety Plan Updated

Our updated safety plan during level 2 will be the following:

Staffed hours are Monday to Friday 6am-7pm

And Saturday 8am -12pm

24 hour Access will be available from Monday 25th May. ( This will help alleviate busy booking times so members can come in at less busier times)

Anything that cannot be monitered by staff in staffed hours, will be monitored during 24hr access through our CCTV system and our software. We will be monitoring everything that has been listed below.

No towel no train.

Classes are running through a booking system. Each class has a limit of 5 people

Creche is running through a booking system. There is a limit of 5 Kids

Any symptoms, no access.

Members and staff must use hand sanitizer on entry and exit.

Members and Staff must practice social distancing

We will be requiring members to clean the equipment before and after use.

During 24hr access we will have extra signage and extra cleaning supplies to help encourage good hygiene practices.

Staff will be monitoring members to maintain that they are keeping 1m from each other.

Our members will need to swipe their tag on entrance as per normal so we can trace who was in the gym at certain times creating a robust tracing system.

Entrance way will be marked out 2m apart for members who need to wait to ensure social distancing is adhered to.

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