Fitzone FREE Four Week Challenge

What Will Your Registration

day timeslot look like?

  • Info on the challenge Q and A on how it all works and HOW TO WIN!!

  • Body scan which is a special of $35 for 2 so pay for the first and get the END ONE FREE (this is a great way to watch your body transform in 4 weeks).

  • A full in depth analysis on your scan and your goals for the 4 weeks moving forward 

  • Pre challenge testing so you can see where your fitness is based, as each week this will be updated


Please read the scanning conditions to get the most accurate scan possible.

More information to come on Registration day!

Please call us at your local club if you have any questions before Saturday!

Matamata 07 888 7387, Te Aroha 07 884 4477, Paeroa 07 862 6444


Please join Fitzone Tribe- our private Facebook group for everyone on the challenge!

scanning conditions.PNG

To DO BEfore Saturday

     Register on the Evolt Active app

  1. Download "Evolt Active"

  2. Sign up, Create an account

  3. Fill in all of the details, answer all of the questions

  4. Verify your email (the app will say when)

  5. You're good to go for your scan on Saturday!!!

     Download and register on the Fitzone app


  1. Download the Fitzone app 

  2. We will send you your login details asap

  3. Fill in all details and answer all questions 

  4. You are done once you see week 1 show up in the diary!

  5. Have a look through the app and what it offers if you have time!

  6. You are ready for registration day! We can answer any questions if you were unsure of anything in the app when we see you!