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Our Story

On the surface we are a small-town community gym but underneath we are so much more than that, we are more than gear, and exercise and treadmills. Every single club is support, accountability, a full fitness experience and Journey.

In 2016 after travelling back and forth to Hamilton for gyms wondering why we didn’t just join a gym closer to home in the smaller towns, we started the search. Frustrated, we found most small-town clubs around were either unstaffed or only staffed certain times of the day. There was often no one there to help us! Immediately this put us off our search and we started to wonder if this was having the same effect on others wanting to start their fitness journey too. As we widened our search, we realised not just some small towns were doing it, most small towns were.

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Fitzone Was Born

A high service, low-cost gym model that can thrive in small towns offering members of the community a positive, approachable, and exciting first exercise experience. 

The challenges came in thick and fast, money, space, experienced staffing you name it but having the “why” very strong in our sights the first Fitzone was open May 1st 2016 in Matamata. We took over from a club that had been long running and was keen for new energy. With no budget what so ever to renovate or Re-brand the name Fitzone was here to stay and family members got to work on painting, cleaning, shuffling and re-shuffling equipment to make the space feel inviting, approachable yet exciting and fun all at the same time. 

We invest in people, not equipment. Our people help you achieve your goals, not our gear

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Within 6 years we have moved into 4 New Zealand Towns and grown our member base from 140 Members to over 2,000 members. Our Mission is to provide a world class customer service experience through health and fitness so that members of small-town communities can also feel that great feeling that comes with working out in a supportive environment.

Our Values

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One of our greatest visions is to show the community how fun health and fitness can really be! Simply by getting out and being active in amongst the towns to show everyone how much fun we have doing what we love. Fitzone is simply a positive space for our members and members of the community. When they step in our door, they are greeted with a smile and a positive attitude! And we are the same when we step out! Between that and the endorphins from working out, they'll leave feeling better than when they came in!

Since the beginning, our clubs have positively impacted over 9,000 community memebrs, and we are far from finished.


Fitzone Directors
Emma and Lennie Brooky

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