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Fitzone App

The Fitzone App is here to motivate ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!!!!

💙 GYM AND HOME WORKOUTS - variety of everyday workouts and plans includng instructional videos for any program you choose to do at Fitzone or at home. 

💙 SCHEDULE- Have your program workouts and customised habits scheduled, so that you can stay accountable and on track! Tick your tasks off each day for that great feeling of achievement 

💙 PROGRAM TRACKING - Track your weights, reps and sets for each exercise, as well as your effort for each workout so you can improve and see results.

💙 HABITS - Choose habits that you want to appear on your daily checklist, so that you can be reminded, tick them off, and make them a part of your lifestyle!

💙 NUTRITION - Suggested meal plans and recipes based on your goals.

💙BADGES- Get notified when you hit new milstones and reach goals, and keep the badge on your app! Including total workouts, habit streaks and personal bests 

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