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What is Ultimate HIIT? The exciting new challenge program designed by Emma Brooky compiles a bunch of her favorite different workouts in the exact way she loves to train.... hard and fast! Be prepared for every session to be different! This is the ultimate combination of heavy lifting, functional movement, and high-intensity training for high-energy workouts. It improves cardiovascular fitness, increases calorie burn, promotes muscle retention, and elevates the heart rate to continue to burn calories, and you feel unstoppable even when the workout is over.


Who is Ultimate HIIT for? Anyone with a base level of fitness and wants to advance further. Those who want to feel stronger, fitter, and unleash their inner warrior. If you don't like to train continuously the same way each session then this program is for you! If you're looking for a challenge, seeking variety in your training, or maybe have even hit a plateau in your fitness progress then incorporating this training will help invigorate and break through any barriers. Guaranteed to increase your fitness levels and boost your energy for the day, leaving you feeling empowered and ready to take on anything that comes your way!


What's included in Ultimate HIIT?


A large variety of Emma Brookys favorite training sessions including Weekly:

Cardio Conditioning

Fast-moving Lower Body Strength

Upper Body Strength



Maximum effort

Minimal recovery

fitness targets

Habit Coaching

track meals and macros

Nutrition goals and compliance

one-to-one support with in-app messaging


The key to getting results on the Ultimate HIIT program is to be consistent with your training. With the support and accountability of the Fitzone Community through the Tribe page and Fitzone app there is more than enough fitness motivation for success.


Ultimate HIIT