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What is SHRED? Take your training to the next level and feel incredible with our shred 4 week program SHRED is an advanced training program that will push you to improve your agility, performance and overall fitness with efficient and challenging high-intensity workouts.

Are you ready to feel unstoppable?


Who is SHRED for? This program is perfect for those who have been training for a while and are ready to reignite their love for exercise and challenge themselves with new and intense workouts.


What is included in SHRED? Not for the faint-hearted, this SHRED program is a more advanced way to get in your high-intensity training and start taking your fitness level up a notch.

This program is overflowing with

  • circuits

  • endurance

  • Hiit

  • Tabata

  • Chipper WODS

Plus with the ability to add in classes for an even higher intensity week! Nothing will make you feel more unstoppable if you really want to challenge your ability this is the program for you.