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Fitzone NZ in the 'Orange Setting'

COVID-19 Traffic Light Framework At Fitzone

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We will keep you updated as soon as there are any changes or we learn more!

COVID-19 Frequently asked Questions:


Q: How do I get ‘My Vaccine Pass’?

A: To request my Vaccine Pass go the following link: : or call 0800222487.


Q: If I am still undecided on being vaccinated, what are my options?

A: We are offering to suspend memberships for up to 3 months with no extra cost.


Q: Will all your staff be vaccinated?

A: In orange and red yes, all our staff and contractors will be vaccinated.


Q: Do I have to show my vaccine certificate upon every visit?

A: No, if you choose to, we can record that we have verified your certificate, and we simply record the expiry date of your certificate in our records (we don’t store the actual certificate anywhere). Then your access will continue as usual including if you have 24/hr access. If you do not wish for us to record that your pass has been sited and the expiry date you will need to show your pass every time you visit, which will also mean that you will only be able to enter the facility during staffed hours.


If you would like more information on booking your vaccine or information on the new COVID-19 Protection Framework visit the Ministry of Health and Exercise NZ Websites:

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